Sunday, October 15, 2017

Girl's trip!!!  I went up to McCloud's third annual Apple Festival yesterday with Leona and Meredith.  We went to the festival (which needs to be renamed - we found ONE table that had apples on it, and they were for display.  They did have one booth selling caramel apples and one booth selling dutch oven apple crumble - which was delicious! - but that was the only evidence of apples we found for sale.  They did have an apple pie baking contest too, but I didn't see a lot of apple pies for sale.)  

We ran into a few other people from the bank there - evidence of Leona selling the trip to everyone she talked to!

And we went out to Leona's family ranch - the Lazy E.  Margene and I spent a weekend there last spring, but Meredith hadn't been there before.  Here is the view of Shasta from the road in.

And we went to visit Leona's aunt and uncle - they own Friday's Retreat RV and Fly Fishing Resort (at least I think that's the name - it could be "RC" instead of "RV" - they have an airstrip for radio controlled aircraft there too.....)  This is the pond that her uncle put in fairly recently for fishing - and it's the view from the kitchen window - awesome if you're the one washing dishes.

This is another pond - out by the Pond House - which is a rental on the property.  I'm tempted to rent it for a weekend - it is just beautiful there!  A cute little one-bedroom house with a deck looking over this:

We also took Meredith to the McCloud River Lower Falls - we were seriously running out of daylight by this time.  The leaves are just beginning to turn in the canyon.  It would be nice to hike up (walk up, really) to Middle Falls - maybe next weekend? - but we didn't have time this trip.

I also got to babysit Nicholas Friday night.  It went much better this time, especially after I figured out that "may dash", properly interpreted, is "my juice".  That took a while......

This is the last weekend for Malorie's play "Two on the aisle, three in a van", and she had a surprise audience guest.  Her husband had texted me to ask if I could watch Nicholas because "Malorie's Mom" was bringing a special guest to the show, and he would like to go with them.  No problem, but he didn't tell me it was a secret from Malorie!  Luckily, I hadn't gotten around to confirming with Mal what time she needed me....And she was completely surprised by her brother being in the audience!  She said she did have a panic attach when she saw her husband there too.  Evidently, she had asked if he could come to one of the final performances, and he told her he tried, but I was busy.  She admitted that she spied on me at the first opportunity with the baby cam - who had Nicholas if it wasn't me????

Nicholas has learned "Selfie!" and wanted one at any opportunity.  (If only the rest of his words were as easy for me to understand!  Two-year-olds have a language that only parents can understand...)

He also got a new truck - a fire truck complete with flashing lights and a siren (sorry Mal!)

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

We lost Rufus on Monday - he developed FIP, and was gone within a month after being diagnosed.  RIP'll be missed.

Monday, October 09, 2017

As mentioned before - Luna has a hurt paw.  Here's her paw with a boot on it after I put some medicine on it.  It doesn't slow her down at all!  I think that if I put a boot on Koori, she would think she was being killed slowly and refuse to move.  Luna just bounces along like normal.

I finished my quilt top!  

I like this one enough that I may have it professionally quilted instead of trying to do it myself.  My issue is that I have no idea what I will do with it once I have it quilted though......

After I finished my quilt top yesterday, I 1) cleaned AJ's room out, and 2) made a flannel scarf.  (The scarf took less time than cleaning AJ's room!)  I took the photo below to send to Alex, showing him I moved stuff around in his room, so it isn't the finished project.  

Here is the scarf.....I really like the plaid flannel.  I also picked up some black flannel with multi-colored paw prints on it.  Too cute!!!

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Alex's Host Mom sent me a picture of him in his Judo outfit.  He looks pretty happy so far....

The full moon was setting the other day on my way in to work.

I took Jasper and Koori out for a walk the other day to the field.  I haven't been walking out there since Margene and I have been walking the neighborhood, so I thought they might like it.  Jasper is wearing out quickly on our walks, so she isn't going on the walk with Margene and I, and I've been alternating taking Koori and Luna.  Luna's little escapade with Brody earned her a sore paw, so for now, just Koo and I are walking.  

Friday, October 06, 2017

Luna went on walk-about yesterday, and came home with a friend.  Ralph got a call from Kent's yesterday morning that his dogs were there.  Ralph did a quick count, and....what dogs? We were only missing one dog......  Luna had escaped and teamed up with Brody from down the street for an adventure.  Luckily, Brody's Dad came and got him. so we aren't up to a four-dog family, five when we're babysitting Chewie.  Brody is a typical Lab - before Ralph got a picture of him, he had gone swimming in our pond......

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

I'm getting closer on my  Christmas quilt.  I got the inner quilt put together yesterday, and half of the border (left side and top).  

I had company while sewing too....

Sunday, October 01, 2017

I stopped on my in to work last week to take a picture of the sunrise.  It was so cool!  Since I was on my way to work, I just had my phone camera, and it doesn't show the magnificence of the sunrise (maybe it's the operator???) 

One more doily done!  This one was even finished on Saturday!  (One doily a week, and the selection is released on Mondays....)

Thursday, September 28, 2017

A couple of recent projects - a trivet that I quilted - just for fun.....and I seriously need to do more quilting - I need more practice.

Bookmarks for book club - the book was Dark Matters by Blake Crouch - good book!!!

And another doily for the week.  Actually last week, and I need to get started on the one for this week....

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Alex sent me some picture from Japan!  He's been busy - he went to a museum one day with his host family, and then to a temple, and the ocean.  He's also had activities with the study-abroad group. School starts next week, and his host family seems to be showing him around quite a bit.  The mom and daughters participated in a festival yesterday doing traditional dancing, and Alex went along.  

He seems to be doing well - the language barrier is exhausting him though.  The host mom only speaks a little bit of English, so almost everything is in Japanese, and he said by the end of the day, he's tired!  


One of the Yahoo! crochet groups I'm on started a new challenge - a doily a week from a book called "99 Little Doilies".  So far, so good - I have the first two done, and the third one on the hook.....but it's due by tomorrow, so, we'll see.  The doilies are all by one designer, who puts a lot of texture in her doilies - a little different than the usual doily.  I haven't picked up thread for a doily in a couple of years (and actually finished the doily), so this is a good change of pace for me.  

Speaking of a change of pace.....I babysat Nicholas last night.  It's been a couple of months, I think, since I saw him last, and he's really picking up speed in his language.  (He was delayed in a couple of areas, speech being one of them.)  He is chattering up a storm now, not that I can understand him or anything....

I sewed up a toy bag for him, and threw in some new cars, and he was a happy camper part f the night.  He had a bit of a fit when Mom AND Dad left him (Chris drove Malorie over to the play that she's in and came back for a little while, and then left again to go see the play.  The second time he left threw Nicholas into a tizzy.)  We had a fairly long episode of unhappiness, but once he got through that, we had a good time.  His favorite movie right now is Cars, so we watched that a few time through.  He didn't go to sleep until after Mom and Dad got home, so hopefully he sleeps in for them this morning.  (I got in bed after midnight, and Alli did NOT sleep in for me.....)

Here's Nicholas playing with his new cars, trying desperately not to go to sleep.....

Sunday, September 17, 2017

I spent last week in San Diego for a LaserPro conference - very informative, and, like most trips, had its ups and downs.  I tried posting to the blog from my e-mail while I was there, but it wasn't the most successful post.  I could e-mail pictures in, but the text didn't go through, and I don't have access to my e-mail on my Kindle, so....I need to work on that more.

The trip down was uneventful - flying our of Sac to San Diego is a pretty quick flight.  I did get one photo from the air.....

The hotel wasn't the greatest, but the staff was exceptional - I swear if you stood still too long somewhere, someone was asking if you needed help (no, just trying to remember where I was going.....) The layout was a bit confusing, but mostly, it was just me.  I had a little balcony that overlooked the pool area, and the weather was perfect for sitting outside.

Thursday evening, I was out on the balcony enjoying the weather, and decided to go grab some dinner.  I had noticed emergency vehicles across the street from the hotel, but figured there was an accident or something on I-8.  Nope.   When I came into the room, I noticed that a piece of paper had been slid under the door.  The 'accident' that I saw was actually a ruptured water pipe, and the hotel had no water.  Bummer!  Oh well, they'll fix it, and I'll get dinner later.  I turned on the news, and there was a view from a helicopter that looked very familiar.  Yep, there was an aerial shot of the view from my window.  

It wasn't "just a water pipe" that ruptured, it was a water main, and I-8 was closed, due in part to water, but also because there was now a huge sink-hole. There had been three other line breaks that day, and they think that this break was caused by the pressure from the other breaks.  Not a good day for the water company!  Maybe they wouldn't get it fixed as fast as I thought!  Bummer!  The whole "Hotel Circle" was out of water, which meant no restaurants in the vicinity were open either.  I did have the option of going out for dinner, but, since I had had a large lunch (thanks to the conference - they kept us well fed) I wasn't that hungry.  I always bring snacks with me when I travel, so I was forced to have a dinner of cookies. So sad!

I also did my first Uber trip - I hooked up with a lady from Arkansas and went to Mission Beach (both of us were nervous about trying Uber by ourselves - we've heard the "don't accept a ride from strangers" too many times, I think.  We walked and talked for about 3 hours, I think, and then went back to the hotel for dinner.We both got some good photos.  I do love the beach in Southern California.....