Monday, November 21, 2016

Tami finished her quilt!!!  It only took us 4 days together to make her quilt - not bad!  She doesn't have a sewing machine, so all the work was done here at the house.  It was her first sewing project in years, and her first quilting project period, and it came out really nice!  (The color choices were her daughter's - neither of us were fans of the lime worked out, but...not our first choice.....)  

She used the pattern found here at the crazymomquilts blog - no half-square-triangles needed!  It's the same pattern that I've used a couple of times now - because it is quick and easy.  She now wants to make some bumper pads.....

I didn't get a lot of sewing done this weekend for myself - Ralph keeps trying to share his cold, I think.  I just haven't felt 100%, so I've sat on the couch watching movies and crocheting.  Here's a cowl that I did up, along with gloves that I edged in the same yarn.  (never go to Michael's when they are having a buy 2, get one free sale......just saying.....)  

I started on the tons of gloves that I need to Christmas presents - so many gloves, so little time.  I think I'll need 30 or so pairs for Alli's class, and then I need some for me to give.  We just hooked up the Amazon Stick to the TV last night, so I can watch Netflix, etc. now on my TV.   I think I hear more movies calling my name.....

It doesn't matter how many times I ask Ralph to put his coat away, he still hangs it on the back of a chair (I'm going to use it again in just a minute, he said three days ago.....)  Indy said that's okay....I'll pull it down and sleep on it - that'll fix it!  

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