Saturday, October 01, 2016

More pictures!!!

Saturday morning - clear skies and beautiful!  We went for a walk on South Beach.

And then up to the redwoods for a walk.

Ralph was standing under this tree, looking up, and I stepped back to take a picture.....bad idea!  I didn't look where I was stepping and tripped over a root.  Cool tree - bad idea.  Now not only did my back hurt more, but I slammed down on my arm and elbow, jamming my shoulder.  Ouch!

After the redwoods, we went to Point St. George Beach.

And then to the light house - which was closed, but since it was low tide, we climbed up and looked around.

Then, since we were there, we went out on the pier.

Then lunch, and a visit to the Aquarium.

Then lunch, another walk on the beach, 

and dinner at the Chart Room - jut down the road from the hotel. The sunset was gorgeous!

The sea lions were hanging out too - we could hear them from the hotel room (if we had the window open....)

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