Sunday, October 09, 2016

Dave's offer was accepted on the house on River Street - soon he will be a new home owner!  (And soon I have to jump back in to getting the house ready to sell, get it winterized so nothing breaks in the mean time, get all the stuff he doesn't take with him sold or hauled off.....oh boy!!!)  I'm excited about his new house, don't get me wrong, I'm just not excited about the next steps for me.  (Yes, it really is "all about me"!)

Life with Allison seems to be settling back down.  We had an IEP for her behaviors a couple of weeks ago, and the school set up a plan of action on their part to change the behavior, since it seemed to have originated at school (due to decisions they had made....). That was on a Wednesday.  On Friday, I received a call from the school saying 'never mind, just get her out of the school'.  What???? You said everything was going better and you had a plan!  

That call came while Ralph and I were in Crescent City. and the teacher agreed to call Allison's caseworker at Far Northern and plan a joint meeting for Monday.  I expressed my concern that moving Allison out as things were would just move the behavior with her - the behavior needed to be addressed as well as her location.  Talk about a stresser for the 'relaxing weekend'!

Monday came and went, no word on a meeting.  The week came and went, no word on a meeting.  Two weeks, no meeting, and we get a call from Alli's teacher - everything is working really well at school now.  I think 'someone' took a look at the signed IEP agreement, and decided that moving Alli wasn't an option. Nowhere in the IEP was moving her mentioned - everything was focused on the changes that the school was going to make......guess what - they made some changes, and it seem to be working!!!!!

Her behaviors at home flared up - which is normal.  They seem to be settling back down again, and she is pretty much back to her normal happy self......usually.  That's all I can ask!

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