Sunday, September 18, 2016

Ralph's new car!!!!

We went down to Chico yesterday to pick it up.  I wasn't able to get a sitter for Alli, so she went too, and behaved very well!  (Thursday and Friday were both "good" days at school as well!)  

After signing my life away at the dealers, Alli and I left Ralph to wait for the final after-market add-ons to be finished, and went to visit AJ.  I was hoping to meet Yessica, but she was at work, so I just got to meet the kittens instead (and see Jeff, but him I know already!)  Kittens are so cute - and these are no exception.  Daryl is an all black female, and Jack is a black male with white boots and mustache. They were sleeping when I got there, so they were especially cute! I did get clawed by Daryl before I left - Alli sneezed and scared her.

It's a good thing Alli and I don't visit all the time - they are on the second floor of the apartment complex, and Alli hates heights!  Stairs inside a building don't bother her, but if they are 'outside' and open like these are, she's not a fan.  She tends to "hurry off" at the top and bottom - just to be done, I think.  Scary!

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