Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ralph, Alli and I made a flying trip to Susanville yesterday.  I had an IEP for Allison at 2:00 in Anderson, and we went up afterwards - leaving around 3:45, and getting back around 9:45.  Fast trip!  Dave found a house, and his realtor was worried that if we didn't look fast, it would get bought out beneath us.  He had tried to look at it before, and it was bought before I could get up there.  Luckily (for him) it fell out of escrow on Tuesday.

It's a cute little house - 2121 River St,  Two bedroom, one bath, two story, with a lot of little details to make it cute....odd, but cute.

The fireplace looks like it take wood about 16 inches long - very short!  It also has a Monitor heater, so you would only need wood when the power was out.  Good thing - it's hard to get wood that short.....

There are two staircases upstairs - one from the laundry room at the back of the house, and one from the front room.

The kitchen is cute - nice tile, but I'm not a fan of the color scheme.  There's no dishwasher or microwave, and the area for the frig is small - he can't use the one from Moms' there.

Both bedrooms are upstairs, and are both a nice size.  One has a 'playroom' in the back of the closet - a small, unfinished room that is reminiscent of the upstairs storage closet at Mom's house....

The bathroom is fine - not exciting or anything, but the tub is PINK....yuck!  Lots of storage, though..... (but pink???)

The house also has a laundry shoot!

The backyard is mainly rocks, and has a storage shed.

And a very nice deck!  I love the deck, and there are lots of mature trees in the neighbor's yards.

The house has the oddest layout I've ever seen.  The rooms flow funny on the ground floor - hard to describe.  The living room is also hard to set up - it feels like two small separate rooms.  I really like the yard - it will easy maintenance, but is still a 'nice' yard.  

All in all - Dave and I liked it, and he's putting an offer in!!!

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