Sunday, September 04, 2016

My ADD was in full force this morning.  

I'm hand sewing the binding on a quilt (a HUGE quilt - it's going to take me a while....) and I decide that I need to put it aside and work on it later.  I then decide that if I just leave it in a pile on my table, it will become a cat nest in a matter of minutes, if not seconds, so....I need something to put it in that will discourage the cats.  I know!  I'll put it in one of my cloth bags - I should have a nice big one for it!  

I go digging in my stack of bags in the hallway closet, but can't find one big enough, but wait!  The wicker basket that I have the bags in will be perfect!  But, now I need something to put the bags in.  I know!  I'll grab a box from the garage.  I go out the the garage to grab a box.  

But wait, the laundry's done.  I better switch that out before I forget.  I swap the laundry around and bring the dry clothes in to fold before they get wrinkled.  While I'm folding, I notice the light on the grass on the path in the back yard.  I need to take a picture of that!  I grab my phone, go outside take some pictures, and then remember that I need to add some algaecide to the pond.  

I grab the algaecide, add it to the pond, notice that the lights in the pond are covered in algae and need to be cleaned off.  I clean the algae off the lights, go back inside, and see the unfolded laundry on the table.  Oh yeah, the laundry.  I start to finish folding the laundry, but first have to go to the bathroom.  

On my way, I notice that the stack of bags is still in the hallway waiting for the box.  I deal with first things first (my bladder won't let me forget it at least!) and then go back into the garage looking for a box.  The only box I can find (I recently took all the extra boxes to recycling...) has kindling in it, so I go put it out with the firewood in the outside shed (why do I have kindling in a box in the garage???).  

Outside, I notice a container that would hold the kindling, but it's full of old leaves.  I dump the old leaves out of it into my green waste pile, then, put the kindling in the new box, and the now empty box heads in to the hallway to get bags put in it.

The quilt goes in the now empty wicker basket, 

the laundry gets folded, 

and.... I have everything where it is supposed to be, and a nice photo of the light on the grass.  

And then the timer goes off - time to rotate the laundry again......

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