Sunday, August 28, 2016

Book club went of with only minor glitches this time, thank goodness.  It was my first real BBQ with me being the BBQ'er....and I think I'm getting hang of it!  Last night, I did a tri-tip roast, and it came out great!  Since it is jut Ralph and I usually for dinner, I see french dip sandwiches in the near future for dinner, too.  With Ralph attending AA meetings at night now, it's usually just Alli and I at home now during the dinner hour, so I'm in charge of the BBQ'ing now.

I had 11 people here for book club - 12 if you count  Nicholas.  He was Luna's favorite thing about the night - he's just the right height for her to clean his face.  

Just too cute!

Alex came in for the weekend for laundry and food restocking, and to help me with some projects around the house.  Of my list of projects, he got two done - he took a load of cardboard to recycling for me, and got the other two cameras set up for the Allison Monitoring System (aka Piper).  I can now monitor Alli on my phone, from anywhere I have a connection, in the living room/kitchen, her room, and the bathroom.  (Yes, I will disconnect the bathroom monitor if we have company - it is only for Allison, really!)  Too cool!

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