Sunday, August 14, 2016

A boy and his dog.......

AJ came in from Chico Saturday - just to go kayaking with me! (Okay, he has a doctor's appointment on Monday, but he came in early, just for me!)  We had talked about going kayaking with Ralph's kayaks (sit-ins, rather than the sit-ons that we usually use). Then AJ decided that Jasper needed to go kayaking.  Okay - if you say so!  We will definitely take the sit-ons then!

This was Jasper's first kayaking trip - and she'll be 13 this fall.....what's that line about old dogs and new tricks???  She and AJ went swimming a few times before they got the hang of it (and if you've never tried to guide two kayaks from the top of the water while someone is in the water trying to pick up a 50 pound swimming dog and put her in one of the said kayaks you are trying to guide, you just haven't lived!!!)  AJ finally got her to settle down by making her sit right next to him and he gripped he with his knees to calm her. One problem - it's hard to paddle with a wet Labrador in your lap.  I think she got the hang of it pretty well.   

We kayaked over to the shore and let her out on relatively dry land. She wasn't that impressed - the wakes from the ski boats (they were everywhere on the lake yesterday!) sent waves up on her even when she thought she was on dry land.  We rewarded her for her bravery with some crackers and peanut butter.

I think she's a convert.  When the wake/waves were really bad, she tried to get back on the kayak.......

We did see a family of ducks swimming around too - this was the best photo I got.  Those waves/wakes made it hard to focus on anything! I'll be glad when it gets colder (for many reasons) and we can have the lake back to ourselves.  So many of the boats were ignoring the no-wake zone that kayaking just wasn't that much fun (except for the Jasper part).

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