Saturday, July 30, 2016

Okay - it's officially hot - and I'm officially DONE!  When I got in the car after work Wednesday - this was the temp showing......121 degrees!!!!

I told myself that it wasn't that hot, really, it was just because the car was in the sun, and it would cool down as soon as I started driving (though it felt that hot inside the car!).  It did cool down - but not much.  Here's the official temp from

And it got hotter on Thursday and Friday....the high today is supposed to be 109.  I'm done!!!!!

Book club was this week, and we read the book "Lost" by Gregory Maguire.  My recommendation - don't both reading it.  None of us at book club enjoyed the book.  They did like the bookmarks though!  When I showed the picture of bookmarks to a couple of members, they both liked the ones in the middle, so I whipped up a coupe more of those.  I found the patterns here.  

Next month - no book for book club - just a family BBQ at our place.

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