Monday, July 11, 2016

Camping Trip!!!  Meredith and I took off Saturday to join her sister Veronica and family at Butte Lake for an overnight stay.  Each time I go out, I try to do a few more things on my own.  This time, I tried hooking up the trailer to the RV by myself (which involves backing up the RV - a difficult task for me, since I'm not the best at backing up my RAV, and I can see better in it.)  I did manage to get REALLY close to the hitch on the first try!  (Then, I didn't get the hitch on the ball quite right, thing at a time!)  

The trip went well - until we headed home.  Meredith had to be at work Sunday at 12:45, and I finally got her home at 12:30, and she had to walk the last few feet....

First, the kayaks kept coming loose on the trailer coming out of the lake (6 miles of dirt road - most of it washboard).  We stopped twice to reload, restrap, etc.  Then once more stop once we hit Highway 44.  Everything was smooth until we got to Meredith's house.  She is in a cul de sac, and someone was parked wrong, so I couldn't get the RV turned, and when I tried to back up, the trailer was starting to jack-knife (and the jerk with the truck parked in the middle of the street was standing there watching.....).  Luckily for me, Chris was out working in the yard, so he came and unstuck the RV, showed me a new way to strap the trailer, and sent me on my way.....Whew!  Next time, I'll get it!!

Our view from the campsite - a beautiful campground, but not a lot of flat land for parking the RV or pitching a tent. They do have drive-thru's on every campsite though - a big plus for our two cars and a trailer group.

Launching the kayaks at Butte Lake

Looking back toward the "boat ramp" - a true misnomer as they have everything blocked off so much we can only launch the kayaks one at a time.  There are no motorized boats allowed on the lake, and I guess they really mean it.

The guys:

We had nice fluffy clouds overhead, and the color of the water was so different, depending on where they were.  We also had a nice (not!) wind that picked up while we were out.  Coming back, if you stopped paddling, you went backwards.....

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