Sunday, July 24, 2016

AJ and I went on the annual family camp out this weekend at Plaskett Meadows.  We've been gong there for years - a couple of small lakes (AJ calls them ponds) is all that's there, but it's a fun time!  We ended up cutting out trip short this year - a large group of semi-obnoxious people came in Friday night.  They were'nt bad, just not good neighbors (music playing all day/night, dogs running loose, loud all the time - late into the night, etc.)  They were nice individually, but when they were together in the group camp, they made camping there not much fun for us.....

AJ at camp...

The view from our campsite.

Upper lake

Lower lake

Lots of bumble bees around - but no meat bees or yellow jackets!

Lots of dragonflies too!

Kolby went for a swim - he was playing catch with himself and missed, so went in after the ball.  Evidently, he bet he could through the ball across the lake, but never actually made it.  He didn't even get the ball out of the lake - it ended up in the reeds and was too difficult to get out.

The trial to the lower lake


Morning at the lake - it was so still the reflections were perfect!

A bit of a mist rising off the lake

The crew - Kolby (just getting out of the water), Dave, AJ, Kody. Jake and Jeff.

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