Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Girls Trip!!!!  Veronica, Meredith and I went on an IKEA trip last weekend!  I'm looking to set up my sewing room, and Meredith's husband suggested I start at IKEA - they had a showroom set up as a sewing room.  Unfortunately, they no longer have it set up, but I still got plenty of ideas!

Here's a bookcase I was looking at - a couple of these put together (in white) to keep my fabric and yarn enclosed (no dust/cat/dog hair).

One thought for a cutting table - a table top on adjustable saw-horse type legs.  Less floor space when not in use, and can be raised up for a cutting table and lowered for a 'real' table - extra space for feeding guests.

Here's another version of the bookcase - raised off the ground a bit, and narrower.

An I love this light fixture!

Our 'haul' when we got back to Veronica's....

We all got one of these - a napkin holder with a weight.  (And yes, that's a glass of wine, and yes, bug spray - relaxing after the trip and trying not to be a snack for the mosquitoes).  Veronica left it out all night, and the napkins were still there in the morning - even with a light wind.  Pretty good!

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