Sunday, March 13, 2016

And just what have I been up to for the last two weeks????  Not posting for one.  And I have no idea why - I just haven't.  I'll blame the rain, how's that?  I think we've had nothing but rain for forever.  Shasta Lake is 41 feet from the crest of the dam and has come up almost 5 feet in the last 24!

I have been busy with a few little projects.  Here's either a dish scrubby or a dog toy - interesting to make, and Luna liked it.....

This is my quilt a couple of weeks ago.  I now have it ready to put the last of the edging on (today, I hope)

Another scrubby I made - this one with netting.  Margene wanted to learn to make scrubbies, and working with net in the round (and she wanted BLACK netting!!) for a new crocheter is tough.  The rectangle is much easier to see and work.

I had a visit from a co-worker last week.  She had a brand new god-granddaughter, and found a picture of something, and her boss had told her to ask me if I could make one for her.....good thing is was easy!  She wanted a little crown for the new 'princess',  She pickup up the decorations, and I whipped up the crown on my lunch hour at work - that's how easy it was!  And it is sooo cute!  Here is the base pattern.  I changed it up a bit, but not much.

I also dug out an old UFO (Unfinished Object) and finished it last night.  I so should have done this sooner - it didn't take lang at all, and it has been hanging out for well over a year.  It was supposed to be a Christmas present for Allison two Christmases ago.  I found the fleece at Joanne's and kept meaning to crochet around the edges.  Finally - project finished!

This weekend is conversion weekend for much of the bank.  We closed on our purchase of 5 branches from B or A - the Yreka, Colusa, Corning, Orland, and Willows branches.  To try to introduce the 20 new employees to the rest of us (100+ employees), Malorie from my department got tagged to round up photos of's the photo of my department.

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