Monday, March 28, 2016

Views from my walk this weekend.....

We added a table to our new outdoor area - Ralph was out enjoying it.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I finished up the bookmarks for book club Monday night.  The book is Departure by A G Riddle, and starts with a airplane crash.  I found a pattern here (good thing it has a diagram.....) for an airplane motif.....I definitely recommend the book - a good read!

I mentioned before that Shasta Lake was filling up fast - here are some photos from Facebook (link is here - to give credit where credit is due!) of the lake in October, 2015, and on March 20, 2016.

They were actually increasing the water released yesterday because the lake was too full to allow room for flood control.  Go figure!  From record lows to overflowing in a few short (but rainy) months.

Monday, March 21, 2016

We had company for part of the weekend - Dave's birthday was Sunday, and he and Lisa came down Friday and Saturday.  Joe was in town on Friday as well, so Ralph, Dave, Lisa, Joe, Joe's son Tim, Tim's daughter Allison, and I went out to Casa Ramos for dinner Friday night.  It was crazy crowded and busy at the restaurant, but Allison was a trooper. She even got a balloon animal from the clown lady.  (At one time, it was a horse, but Allison started unraveling it as soon as she got it.)

I had Cindy come babysit Alli for us Friday night, and after dinner, Dave, Lisa, Ralph, Cindy and I hung out at the fire pit, and Lisa roasted marshmallows.  It was a nice time to sit and chat, and all in all - a fun evening!  Dave and Lisa did some driving around while they were here - they were hoping to catch the Glory Hole at Whiskeytown lake in use, but the lake level had dropped.  Earlier in the week, Whiskeytown was overflowing through it - such a great thing after the years of drought!  They also went by Turtle Bay Museum, but it's pretty slow this time of year.  Alli wasn't having the best of days, so we didn't go with them.

Ralph was doing trash-cleanup at Whiskeytown Lake on Saturday as well.  He had fun, and they found several goose nests full of eggs.  I'll have to get pictures from him.....

Dallas got in for his Spring break Thursday night, so AJ was hanging out with him this weekend.  They went snowboarding up at Shasta on Saturday, spent the night in Dunsmuir, and had hamburgers here Sunday night.  AJ goes back to school today, so they didn't have a lot of time together, but they seemed to have fun with what they did have.

I spent Sunday re-organizing...the hallway closet, the bathroom closet, my quilting material.....whew!  I love it after everything gets organized - I just hate the actual doing of it.  And now, I need to find a home for all the games and puzzles I liberated from the hallway closet......

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Look what I got yesterday!!!

I celebrated (all by myself) my 20th anniversary with RBC on March 1st.  Nothing from the bank to acknowledge it - unusual, but....there have been a lot of changes in HR recently, so I figured this was just one more thing that we 'didn't do anymore'.  When they made an announcement last week that we no longer got off early on Good Friday (a tradition since the bank started) I mentioned to a co-worker that anniversaries seemed to have gone the same way.

She took it upon herself to bake me a cake over the weekend, and checked with HR, not mentioning any names, thinking that I just had been overlooked - surely they were still celebrating bank anniversaries (pretty cheap to send an e-mail, really - employee morale, etc.).  Turns out, they do still celebrate bank anniversaries, and they had completely forgotten anniversaries for the entire month - not just mine.  I got a nice e-mail, and flowers!  (Though I appreciate the cupcake cake more......)

Monday, March 14, 2016

Woohoo!  I finished it!  I forget how long it takes to put the strips together - I always think it just take a few minutes......and it doesn't.  I got it finished yesterday around 2:00.  Woohoo again!  Actually - not too bad (for me).  This was a block a month quilt I started last July.  I kept up on it pretty well - for me.  I do really like it - even though I can still see my problems that I had with it.  Give it a few months, and they won't seem so big, I hope.  I learned a couple of new techniques with it - always a good thing!

I started a quick and easy baby quilt yesterday afternoon as well.  I had the pieces already cut out, so it was just a matter of piecing the blocks - such piecing as there is.  I got the borders on, so I'm ready to put it together.  I didn't get the sashing material yet, but I tried out a couple of different colors and widths that I had in my stash.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

And just what have I been up to for the last two weeks????  Not posting for one.  And I have no idea why - I just haven't.  I'll blame the rain, how's that?  I think we've had nothing but rain for forever.  Shasta Lake is 41 feet from the crest of the dam and has come up almost 5 feet in the last 24!

I have been busy with a few little projects.  Here's either a dish scrubby or a dog toy - interesting to make, and Luna liked it.....

This is my quilt a couple of weeks ago.  I now have it ready to put the last of the edging on (today, I hope)

Another scrubby I made - this one with netting.  Margene wanted to learn to make scrubbies, and working with net in the round (and she wanted BLACK netting!!) for a new crocheter is tough.  The rectangle is much easier to see and work.

I had a visit from a co-worker last week.  She had a brand new god-granddaughter, and found a picture of something, and her boss had told her to ask me if I could make one for her.....good thing is was easy!  She wanted a little crown for the new 'princess',  She pickup up the decorations, and I whipped up the crown on my lunch hour at work - that's how easy it was!  And it is sooo cute!  Here is the base pattern.  I changed it up a bit, but not much.

I also dug out an old UFO (Unfinished Object) and finished it last night.  I so should have done this sooner - it didn't take lang at all, and it has been hanging out for well over a year.  It was supposed to be a Christmas present for Allison two Christmases ago.  I found the fleece at Joanne's and kept meaning to crochet around the edges.  Finally - project finished!

This weekend is conversion weekend for much of the bank.  We closed on our purchase of 5 branches from B or A - the Yreka, Colusa, Corning, Orland, and Willows branches.  To try to introduce the 20 new employees to the rest of us (100+ employees), Malorie from my department got tagged to round up photos of's the photo of my department.