Thursday, February 11, 2016

I'm loving my design wall!  Here's the next project to finish:

This is another 'block a month' quilt - and I got the final set of material last week.  I have six blocks (out of twelve total) completely done (the bottom six), and two blocks ready to put together (top left), one block cut out (top right), and two blocks and the finishing material still in the bag to be cut. Then....the finishing!  But I really like having it out to see it and to rearrange the blocks.

Keeping it out and visual really makes me want to sit down and sew.  Not that I do, but I want to! Alli's been getting up between 4:00 and 4:30, and by the time I deal with her, I'm too awake to go back to sleep. That means by dinner time, I'm too tired to sit and sew (without nodding off at my machine at least).  I've been doing pretty good at getting some sewing time on the weekends though - and this weekend is a long one - sewing time!!!

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