Monday, January 18, 2016

Beading Day Saturday (and maybe today too.....)  Here was the table yesterday with all the beads spread out.  Meredith, Veronica, their Mom, and Emma were there to create.

And the two bracelets I made:

I also finished up (finally) my scarf with jewelry attached - no picture of it though.....maybe tomorrow?

So yesterday, I sewed......We have a new quilt for the year at my quilt club.  We have the option of 2 different quilts - I'm doing Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt.

This month, we are doing the first 5 blocks on the top row.  I got three of them done!!!  A suggestion from the author is to make some mini-design boards to use - some of the pieces of the material are tiny!!!  (3/4 inch squares!)  She has really nice directions here and here for making them - even a video if you like.  You use a foam poster board ($2.77 I think at Walmart) and it makes 6 10 X 10 boards.  Then, you must decorate them...(to quote Lori Holt - "if it's worth making, it's worth making it cute!")  

So, I made 6 of them.....not bad!  I admit - they are very handy with the blocks from the quilt.  I don't know that they will work as well for my bigger does that mean I get to make more???

And now, not only do I have finches and song birds at my feeders, I now have quail!  They are so cute!  And fat - though they are probably just fluffy - it was pouring rain all day yesterday.  According to the paper, we have received almost 8 1/2 inches of rain THIS wonder I feel soggy!

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