Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!  I made the mistake of not checking the time when Alli got up today - we were up at 4:15!  Usually, I can get her to go back to bed for a while, but....I jumped up, fed the dogs, started the coffee, and then realized how early it was.  

It's a low-key Christmas around here this year.  We got a family gift of new phones, so not much in the way of other presents.  (We upgraded to the i-phone 6S)  Ralph also got a dry suit for his kayaking - which is his Anniversary/Christmas/birthday present for a few years.

Here's a photo of Ralph and I before we left for the Bank's Christmas party.  Margene came down to help AJ babysit for us, so we had a full house at home - Margene, her son Dallas, his girlfriend Gabs, AJ and Allison.  I remember why I don't like to go out at night - it's more work to get the house set up for a babysitter than it is to just fix dinner at home.  Since we were leaving before 6:00, I left dinner in the oven for the crew - luckily, they cleaned up after themselves.  I set out Alli's pj's, diapers, etc. where Margene could find them (knowing that AJ was going to be 'busy').  

I was texting with Lisa the other day, and she was complaining about the cats at Mom's house (she has spraying issues).  I took this quick shot of Picot to show her that they can be cute!

Lisa and I are supposed to be going down to see Dave tomorrow - if she can get out of Susanville, and she isn't sick.  It will be a long day.....

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