Friday, November 20, 2015

Bookmarks for book club this month were turkeys - turkey butts to be exact.  The book - Bone in the Throat - did not lend itself to a bookmark based on the book (the mob, murder, guns, knives, etc.) so.....they got turkeys.  They turned out pretty cute.  I had a pattern for it once upon a time, and still had a pin that I made, but couldn't find the pattern.  I made this one up as I went, based on the pin.

The yard is coming along quite nicely.  They have most of the rock in - this was taken Tuesday morning, and they did more work yesterday,  I don't know that it will be done by the time everyone is here for Thanksgiving, but most of it will be.  I think the fountain and fire pit will be the last to go in.  I also need to put in 'something' by the fire pit are to keep the dogs from fighting with the new neighbor's dog.  Between their dog and ours, the fence is getting torn up.  I'm thinking box planters along the end of the fence....

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