Monday, October 12, 2015

Vacation has officially begun!  I spent most of Saturday helping Margene get ready for her birthday party (her 50th!!) and Sunday hanging around her place, helping clean up a bit.  Not a bad way to spend a weekend, but I neglected a lot of my chores, I'm afraid.  I did get the laundry done (except for the last load of towels waiting to be folded, but they don't count!)  

I also got all of the 'quilt stuff' that I have all cut out.  I got the next month of the Sampler quilt at quilt club on Saturday, the monthly shipment for the Ooh Rah! quilt a couple of weeks ago, and....a quilt kit that I ordered came in.  They are all cut out!  The Sampler quilt won't take much to put together - just 4 blocks,  I have one block of the Ooh Rah! quilt done, but the second block uses a technique I hadn't tried before - inset seams.  I made a sample up, just so I wouldn't ruin my 'good fabric'  and I think I am now ready to tackle the block.  

The quilt kit that I'm now working on is the Friendship Roses Quilt - in blues and yellows.  I really like fabrics used.  It doesn't seem to be very complicated to put together, either (lucky for me!)  Here's a photo of it:

And the link to the quilt pattern is here.

Since I'm on vacation, I, of course, have a long list of things I want to do/get done this week.  I think the list is longer than the time that I have though.  It usually is, but....I should get a few things crossed off.

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