Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ralph, Margene and I spent a couple of days up at Hat Creek this week too!  We planned on camping at Hat Creek Campground, but....they were already closed for the winter!  So was the Bridges Campground.  We ended up at Cave (which had over half the sites shut down) too close to the road for my preference, but it was either that or leave the Hat Creek area.  Surprisingly, it wasn't too bad by the road.

Margene, Ralph, and Chewy at camp:

Ralph fishing - he caught one Wednesday and one Thursday.

Margene fishing - wearing camo and blending right in.....

One of our camp visitors

The coolest rock ever!!!

Margene - not quite so camouflaged this time:

And my buddy Chewy

In the end, Ralph caught 2 fish, Margene caught 6 (but lost one while cleaning it). Our camping neighbors had been in camp the whole week and gave Margene tips on where to fish.  They also sent us home with a couple of their fish, bringing our total up to 10 fish for the 2 days.

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