Monday, October 26, 2015

Ralph and I took the kayaks out again yesterday.  We had a great time, but....poor AJ left his sister alone for a couple of minutes (nature called), and she found the muffins while he was gone (I think she crumbled 4 of them....)  He had no idea that muffins could be such a mess - he cleaned up most of it (with help from the dogs) but there were still crumbs in places the dogs couldn't reach.  She had stepped on the crumbs all over her room, so a quick mop was needed.  Poor AJ!

The lake is down several feet from a couple of weeks ago - the ridge at the top of this photo was close to the shoreline.  That made getting in the water a bit slippery.

And, a selfie - made with a non-selfie camera.  Not too bad!

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