Thursday, October 08, 2015

It's started!  The landscaper came over on Monday and drew out where he is going to put in boarders and take out grass!  He walked around with a paint can and marked up the lawns.  Here is the front section by the door - river rock will be placed between the driveway and the orange lines.  (And yes, I had help taking pictures....)

He's going to build up around the trees - about a foot high, separating the lawn into 2 sections.

Here's the amount of lawn that will be left along the street....

The side front will have rock in a crescent shape along the side of the mailbox.

The same type of treatment in the back - bringing in the existing rock, reducing the grass.

This corner will have a fountain/pond -

We got a recycled table from Margene for the patio last weekend too....much prettier than my old round one.

Sunset on Tuesday night on the way to scouts.

My newest project:

It isn't put together yest, I just laid it out to see if it would work - I bought all the parts separately, and wasn't sure they would 'go' together.  I'm liking it!!

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