Saturday, October 10, 2015

I'm off on a new adventure!  Vacation!!!!  I started it right by taking Friday afternoon off and Alex and I wen kayaking at Whiskeytown.  Here's our new trailer with the kayaks.

The lake was beautiful yesterday afternoon - almost no one there when we got there

As we were leaving, I stopped to take a picture

And noticed some deer down at the edge of the lake.

And then they noticed me - Mama came straight for me....hmmmm....think someone's been feeding them?

I backed up as she approached, so she went on down the lakeshore toward the swimming beach, her two babies tagging along behind.

I took the afternoon off, not only because we were slow at work and I could, but because Alex had an appointment with the heart specialist at 2:00, and we didn't get out until after 3:00, and I hadn't had lunch yet.  I would have made it back to work at 4:00 anyway, on a Friday afternoon on a 3 day weekend?  Not happening!  The heart specialist is going to send Alex a heart monitor to wear for a few days, and then see what his heart is up to.  After the heart monitor will come a stress test, and then we'll see what he has to say.  Hopefully, it is something that he thinks he can fix!

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