Saturday, September 19, 2015

AJ and I are taking an inaugural kayak trip today!  Ralph bought us two kayaks on Tuesday, and I picked up PFD's and paddles yesterday.  We have an Eagle Court of Honor at 10:00, and then we are off to the lake!  I'd promise pictures, but I don't want to get my camera wet...I may try putting it in a plastic bag - we'll see.....

They kayaks were a surprise - I had talked about getting them for my birthday, but since it was the end of the season, there weren't any that I wanted locally, so I decided to have AJ build me a new computer for my birthday instead.  The new computer is up and running (love it!) so I wasn't expecting kayaks.  When I was looking around town for some, Big 5 had some on sale, - but they were clearance items, and they only had one available, and someone else had already agreed to buy it.  Ralph put his name down, just in case the person didn't follow through on the purchase, and Big 5 called him - they got another shipment in, so....we now have 2 kayaks sitting int the back of the truck.  One of my many things to do today is clear out a place for them in the shed so they don't stay in the truck all the time.

About the time Ralph got the kayaks, we got rain!  Not a lot, but still, it cooled us down and slowed the fires a bit.  We went from 109 to 70 in a week.  We are back up to 95 today, which makes the inaugural kayak trip a bit nicer.  I still wanted to take them to the lake this weekend - it's just nicer that it isn't 70 degrees and raining.

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