Sunday, August 23, 2015

Here's the first two blocks of the Ooh Rah! quilt that I received:

I'm really wishing it had started earlier in the year - I have an upcoming wedding for a Marine that it would have been great for, but I won't have all the material even by then, much less put together and quilted.  Maybe it will still go to them, just not at the wedding.....

We are trying something new with Alli this week.  We have been approved for Respite Services for years, but have never used them.  If I needed anything, family and friends have stepped in to help.  This week, Ralph is scheduled for surgery on his foot, so I have a respite worker (one of the aides in her classroom) coming in to get Alli off the bus and stay with her until I get home with Ralph (his surgery is Thursday at 4:00 p.m.) I'm going to have her come after school.on Friday to give him a break as well, coming in again to get her off the bus and staying until I get home from work.  Hopefully he will be able to handle her by Monday, or she will have to go back to daycare after school.

She has an appointment with a Psychologist on Monday, September 7th (yes - a doctor's appointment on Labor Day - how odd!!!) for Social Security.  We started her process in April - good thing she isn't dependent on SSI for income - it is taking forever!  Her case worker tried to avoid this appointment by getting her pediatrician to sign off that she was disabled, but never got the forms back from him.  (I don't blame him - they state that they can only be completed by a psychologist, so why should he??)  We will be one step closer anyway.  What a process!

AJ starts Chico State this week.  He and Ralph drove down yesterday in tandem to get his motorcycle down to Paradise.  His classes start on Tuesday, so he is going down on Monday.  Luckily for him, he has the same classes as Jeff, so the two of them are going to scope things out together. I'm excited for him - but am going to miss him.  He's a lot closer than South Korea though!!!

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