Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My artichoke is blooming!!!   I waited too long to pick the only artichoke left after Luna ate all the others, but the flower is worth it!!!

I had a flying trip to Ft Bragg this weekend.  My plans included a trip to Susanville, but that got changed at the last minute.  I finally got the paperwork form the attorney last week, and I needed everyone else's signature on it and I needed some of the paperwork that was still in Susanville.  I was very afraid that if I just mailed everything for signatures, 'someone' would open it, and put it aside to deal with later (my normal modus operndi....) .  So....I took Monday off, drove Saturday and met Jeff at the Arbuckle golf course (who knew???) and then drove over to Ronna's.  I spent the night, enjoying the cooker weather, and drove back to Redding on Sunday.  Monday, I put Alli on the bus, and took off for Susanville.  Dave was on vacation, but I had faxed him the paperwork, and he signed it and left it on the table for me.  As I was gathering everything up on Monday, I noticed that I didn't need anything from Susanville but Dave's signature.  He has been really good about mailing stuff to me, so him I could have mailed!  Too late - he was gone for a week, so....off to Susanville I went.

I got as far as gassing up the car when Dave called me.  He was in Alturas, and thought he'd blown the engine in the RV....he was headed back home, so he could mail his signature to me, so I had a day off, and nowhere to go.  Lucky me!  I did catch up on some of the weekend chores at least!

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