Monday, June 29, 2015

Mission accomplished!  I managed to  complete the quilt top from last year's quilt club!!  I started this top in January, 2014, and finished it in June 2015....not too bad!  I even managed to get the stripes to line up on the mitered corners!!!  The official name of the quilt is "Hampton Ridge"

I also finished the quilt top for this 2015 "Around the Neighborhood" club.  I started this one January, 2015, and finished it (just a month late) in June.

I threw myself on the mercies of the ladies at the quilt shop to choose the border print.  I really love it, and would not have picked it out on my own.

They are now ready for me to pick out the backing and binding material, sandwich all together, and ship off to get quilted.  Woohoo!!!

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