Friday, June 05, 2015

It's official - Alli is out of high school!!  Yesterday was the last day of regular high school for her.  She has 3 weeks of extend school (i.e. summer school) that starts next week, but she is officially out of high school now. Wow......

We finished up the conservatorship for her this week too.  She went back to court on Monday, and it is official.  Thank goodness!  I went to her annual meeting at Far Northern Regional before it was finalized, and was no longer able to sign her paperwork for her, since she was over 18.  She had to sign 17 times for them - and that was just one meeting.  That philosophy would carry over into everything - medical paperwork, school paperwork, etc.  I'm back to signing lots of paperwork.....

Ralph sent me a couple of pictures this week from home:

Ebony and Ivory:

Chocolate and Vanilla:

I'm on the (almost) final section of my house quilt.  I'm putting the borders on the houses and sashings between them and then next is the outer boarders.  The pattern called for the sashings to be made from two 1 inch squares sewn together - 26 squares per side of each house.  The thought of trying to get all of those little squares sewn together and then making sure my corners matched????  Not my idea of a good time.  Luckily, I wasn't the only one.  I missed the club meeting (itwas the same day as Mom's services) so I went in later to pick up my fabric.  The shop owner was very happy to show me her suggestion of using just plain old fabric as a sashing instead of lots of little blocks.  Not that the fabric is plain - it has a very nice texture look to it, so it definitely isn't boring.

She also suggested using colored fabric as blocks on the corners:

Or quilt blocks:

I'm liking the quilt blocks.  I'm now actually liking how it is looking.  I wasn't impressed with just the houses - it didn't seem to 'go' together well - probably because on my choice of fabrics for  he houses.  Having the borders on the houses and textured fabric sashings really helps!  

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