Sunday, May 24, 2015

I love a list with lots of things crossed off it!  Yesterday was a great day for that.  (Of course, I put things on it that I knew I would do - like grocery shopping...)  We had the Fisher's in for a BBQ last night, so I needed to mow the lawn AND clean house.  Since the weather is so nice right now, we ate on the patio, too needed to be cleaned up.  I was busy yesterday!  Ralph BBQ'ed some chicken (very nicely too - he had a flare-up on the BBQ, but still managed to not burn the chicken.), pasta salad, baked beans, and corn of the cob.  Meredith brought triple-berry shortcake for dessert - perfect!

Alex had planned a trip to the beach this weekend, but I got a message from him Friday morning (his Friday night) that he wasn't going - he was sick.  Turns out the flu is going through the dorms, and since dinner usually consists of eating from a communal bowl, everyone was getting it. and passing it along  Poor baby!  He did spoil my Mother's Day present surprise though.  I had thanked him for the knife that he had gotten me for Mother's Day (courtesy of his Dad).  He told me he had an even better present for me - a Pokemon tin of cookies that he got in Tokyo.  Except......the cookies were expiring on Saturday, so he was going to eat them for me.  I would still have the really cool tin though.

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