Friday, April 03, 2015

Another baby project finished:

Since Malorie is going with a nautical theme for the baby's room, I made a whale with bells in it.  It turned out really cute!  Her baby shower is coming up on the 23rd, so I need to get busy!  I don't think the afghan will make it by then - I really don't feel like devoting every spare minute to it to get it done, and that is what it would take I think, so it will be a present for maybe when the baby is born, not for the shower.

Ralph is 3 weeks sober!  What a difference it makes - he's feeling better, has lost a lot of weight so he can move better, and the depressions really seems to be lifting.  Yesterday, he called Direct TV for me and we switched over yesterday afternoon!  Getting a new system is terrible - I can't find the channels I want, etc.  I'll figure it out, and it's good for me to get out of my comfort zone.  I might even find something different to watch!!!

Ralph is going in for an endoscopy this morning - they are still trying to figure out why he can't breath well.  So far, it's all negatives - it isn't that, or that, or that.....which is all good I guess.

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