Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Once again, the best laid plans.....I was all ready to go work out today after putting Alli on the bus, and the bus didn't come until 7:00.  Not enough time to work out and get to work for an 8:00 (and then an 8:30) meeting.  I guess I'll have to update the blog then, won't I?

Tonight is book club and we read Life Expectancy by Dean Koontz - good book!!!  The basic story line is that on the day he was born, the main character's grandfather (as he was dying) predicted the 5 worst days of his life.  The book goes through growing up knowing that 'today' might be a bad day, but it wasn't going to be one of the worst days of your life, and then knowing that 'today' is going to be one of the worst.  At the end of the book, at the time his daughter is born, someone in the hospital predicts the best 5 days of her the bookmark is a 5!

Other exciting news - Ralph is 6 days sober today.....and is doing great.  (I guess I should have posted this yesterday - then he would have fit in with the "5 day" theme......)

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