Monday, February 09, 2015

I don't think you fully appreciate something until you don't have it.  I  know I appreciate modern conveniences, but  REALLY appreciate them after a power outage.  We lost power due to the wind storm Friday night around 11:30, and got it back on Saturday around 2:30.  Alli did great, thanks to AJ pre-loading Pokemon episodes on the laptops, and on my phone.  The lap tops run through power pretty quickly, but I can recharge the phone in the car.  I don't think my phone will be the same though.  She likes poking at the screen while the movie is playing, and since it's a touch screen phone, my icons got quite scrambled.  I don't think she deleted anything, thank goodness.

I took some time yesterday and got sucked into the interwebs - looking for a pattern for a bookmark,  I really only meant to check out what was out there - I have plenty of heart patterns saved already, hour later, I turned the computer off and started making hearts.  I did find a very pretty pattern that is very quick to make up:

I also dropped of the last Christmas presents yesterday.  Dawn is moving into a new place, so I dropped of her afghan to her- finally finished after almost 6 months!!!  Maybe it will help the 'new place' feel more like home.

I like how it turned out.  It is the pattern for the corner-to-corner afghan that I've made a ton of times, but worked in rows rather than corner to corner - a new twist to an old favorite.

Sandy posted some pictures of Allison playing games with the other kids at daycare.  Too cute!

Since I was going in to town yesterday to drop off the afghan, I decided to shop for valentines day goodies for work, and stopped at the Dollar Tree.  Score!!!!  They had some boa yarn in colors that I use for my gloves for a $1, and one skein of a yarn for a scarf that is just wrapped (the purple on the right.)  I made one in red and gave it to Meredith for Christmas.  The colors are gorgeous.....maybe for next year's Christmas list?  I should get started on handmade items now......(probably not!)

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