Sunday, January 04, 2015

Yesterday, Meredith and I went for a loooong walk at Turtle Bay.  We were gone a couple of hours - I don't know how far we walked, but I logged over 10,000 steps yesterday - most of them on the walk.  It was a beautiful day - chilly, but sunny.  We started at the Arboretum on the west side of Turtle Bay, and ended up walking past the Sundial Bridge to Hwy 44 and back into the park.

These are in the Arboretum - they looked really cool, and I forgot to take a picture of the name plate so I could remember what they are.

Same plants, different angle.  Love this one!!!

I love the sun and shadows in this shot.

One one part of the trail, "someone" put a lock on the fence (evidently as part of a trend in Paris, according to Meredith) and others followed.  Some of the locks are painted, most have writing on them - dedications, etc.

No turtles at this bay - there is a layer of ice on the pond.  I think every little boy (and some big ones) that went by while we were there had to throw a rock or something in the pond "just because".  The sound made by the rocks skittering on the ice was cool.

A view of the bridge.

This is a view of the river toward the highway from the park.

These geese just would not cooperate and let me catch a shot with both their heads up.

This guy was a little more cooperative......

I missed the shot of this guy flying off with a berry in his mouth - he grabbed one and flew right after this.

From the bridge - muskrats in the river.

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