Sunday, January 11, 2015

Even Alli seems to have accepted Luna.  

Our only hold out is Indy, and he needs drugs.  Seriously!  He recently started peeing all over the house - the hallway, the dining room, even on Jasper's food bowl!  He had scabs on his back and tail, and was a miserable cat.  I switched his food out for (more expensive) all natural hypo allergenic, no wheat food, and flea treated him.  (I was worried that no one would like it so tried to switch it in slowly - they all loved it and would leave the 'old food' in the bowl....)  That didn't seem to help, so he went to the vet's.  They gave him two shots in his butt, and put him on prosac.  He also needs to 'be protected' from Luna, so he now spends most of his day locked in the bedroom where Luna can't scare him.  He comes out occasionally, usually in the morning, when it's quiet.

I started the newest quilt with my quilt club - All Around the Neighborhood.  This time, is it just a 5 month session - 3 quilt blocks a months for 4 months and the sashings/bindings the 5th month.  They are looking for another quilt to finish up the year with, but no decisions have been made yet.  This one is a bit different than one's I've done in the past - the only color that is mandatory is the color for the sky - and that is just because it takes more material than the other pieces.  We have the same amount of every other material in the monthly kit, so we get to pick and choose how to put the house together.  Here's the sample that the club leader made up:

Each house individually:

There is also a 'mystery' project to make.  All I was told was the number of half-triangle squares to make, and whether the colors should be 'light/dark' or 'dark/dark'.  Interesting,,,,,,,

Since I still haven't finished the last quilt, we'll see how it goes.  I have almost all of the pieces sewn together, and the thought of the next rows terrify me!  One row of the quilt is done with striped material, and includes mitered corners.  After listening to all the problems that the experienced quilters had, I may skip that!  I also will admit that I'm not a fan of the border that was done on the original anyway.  I may just finish it up 'my way'.

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