Sunday, November 16, 2014

I was making my to-do lists yesterday and realized I still needed to make the bookmarks for book club this month - which is meeting this Wednesday at my house - oops!  Luckily, I had them planned - I just had to sit down and make them.  The book this month is "Jewel" by Bret Lott, so.....jewels it is!  I had wanted to play with these metal bookmarks for quite a while, and this seemed the perfect opportunity.

They are much prettier (and shiny!) in person.

It's getting cold in South Korea.  AJ had asked if he could buy a good camera (not that I hadn't told him to get one before he left.....) and the one he wanted wouldn't ship directly to him, so.....he had it shipped here and now I need to ship it to him.  Since I'm shipping a box anyway, what else do you need from here (since shipping is so expensive, let's get it all at one time, okay?)  I asked what I could ship him from here that would make it seem more like "home" since he isn't planning on coming home for Christmas (or at all until summer.)  He asked if I could ship "the blanket that Ronna made."  Ronna's baby quilt will be going to South Korea.  He is also getting a Russian style hat, warm gloves, (both new) a couple of jackets that he left here, and some flannel shirts.  He also decided that it was a bad idea to participate in "No Shave November" at the bank - his face is cold!  Here's what he was looking like earlier in the week:

My Mom will be happy to know that there is water again out in our guest house.  She came in last weekend with "I hate to be the bearer of bad news...."  No!!!  No bad news from the guest house!!!!  Luckily, it was just that there was no water out there - that's fixable!  When the plumbers were here taking out the defunct solar panels, they had turned it off, and didn't turn it back on.  They came out on Tuesday and fixed it.  I had an errand in town Tuesday morning, so he came while I was gone - I came in just as he was leaving.  A few minutes after he left, I heard an odd noise from the garage.....not good!  No 'odd' noises, please!  I went out to investigate just in time to here a phone ringing from the hot water heater room,  Odd, yes - I don't have a phone in there.....  I pulled out the pantry and opened the door, and up on a shelf was a very bright light.  The plumber had been using his flashlight app on his phone, and left it in there (and it was on vibrate too - that was what I had heard more than the ring).  Needless to say, when I called in to the office, he was already on his way back to get his phone.  At least that odd noise that I heard was not an expensive odd noise!

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