Saturday, October 04, 2014

Yesterday, when I got home, I found a package waiting for me:

Cindy had sent me a birthday present - 7 hand knitted washcloths and two hand-painted tea towels!  Pretty!  She does such pretty hand-work.  That really made my week!  And what a week it was!  I'm glad we are past the end of the month/end of the quarter at work.  I made a (large) mistake at work on the very last day of the quarter which turned into a huge learning experience, learning how to clean up the quarter end reports.  That, and a couple of large projects all happening at the same time, made for some very stressful days, which makes them feel even longer that usual.  We're all good now (until either my next large mistake or the next end of month/quarter/year....)  It did cut down on some of my creativity though - I was going in early and was pretty pooped by the time I got home.  I about put myself to sleep trying to work on any projects.

Ralph saw a new specialist this week - one for his edema - called Swell Endeavors.  They have him doing some exercises at home, and he start physical therapy next week, and will be getting some Velcro wraps for his feet too.  He has an appointment at the end of November with the Endocrinologist - they are hard to get into!!!   At least he is moving forward now.  The edema specialist seems to think he can help with a lot of Ralph's discomfort, so he should start felling better soon.

I haven't heard too much from AJ lately.  When he first went to South Korea, I heard pretty frequently form him.  Now I only hear when he needs more money.  Pretty typical.  He's off to Seoul this weekend for a fireworks display, so I won't talk to him this weekend either.  When we were texting the other morning, he did ask if I wanted to Skype, but that isn't practical for me on days when I have to get Alli on the bus - unless I get up earlier than usual.  Maybe next weekend.......

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