Sunday, October 05, 2014

The baby quilt is pinned and ready to quilt!  I had to make another run to the fabric store - I had mis-remembered how much fabric the backing needed, and didn't have enough.  I probably would have had "just enough" but didn't want to fuss that much with it - it would have been 'exactly' wide enough for a small border, and I mean exactly.  The stress of the thought of having to be that exact was enough to send me to the store.  I can use the extra material later, I'm sure - it is a very nice pink for baby girl things. 

Up today on the agenda - laundry, quilting, and a trip to the vet with Jasper - time for some shots - and baking, an apple pie at least.  I got the lawn mowed yesterday, and started a list of other yard work to do.  I might do some of that today too (not likely, but I might!).  I'm taking a few days off next weekend, and that may be the best time for me to tackle some of those projects.  I'll be honest - I'm a wimp for yard work in the heat.  We are back up in the mid 90's again during the day - too hot to do much yard work for me!  I mowed the lawn yesterday after going to the grocery store, and had to blow my hair dry again - it was soaking wet.

I also need to design a bookmark for book club.  We read "If I Stay" by Gail Foreman.  My plan is to crochet a cello.  I have it mapped out - now to see if it works out when I crochet it:

Dawn and I found a couple of storage containers on sale for $12.00 as Walmart yesterday.  One fit right here very nicely - now my WIP's can be stored so they don't get dust and cat hair on them.

The other one hasn't found a permanent home yet - I don't really like it here, but it is a place to put it while I think about it awhile.

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