Monday, September 01, 2014

When I finished my last crocheted baby hat, I ran out of projects - at least ones that I had a definite plan for.  Since I always do better with projects for someone else, I felt just a bit adrift.  I fixed that pretty quickly - while I was shopping with Dawn, she got one of her purchases in a small brown bag - perfect for lunches, she said.  Aha!!!  A lunch bag is needed!  I had given her the "large" shopping bag project I had made already, so....I improvised a lunch bag out of the same yarn.  I really like the pattern that the yarn made as it worked up, and I have no idea why my photo rotated itself.

I had no pattern for this, I just 'winged it' and I'm pretty happy with it!  (And if Dawn doesn't like it, she's too polite to say so :) She was kind enough to go Thrift Store shopping with me - she was probably too polite to say no to that as well!)

We sent Marie home yesterday - her parents came home form the wedding and picked her (and their two dogs) up so we are back to our new normal - just Ralph, Alli and I.  Ralph was under the weather yesterday - he had low blood sugar in the morning and it took him most of the day to catch up.  Alli and Marie spent the day watching TV (thank you Alex for setting up Netflicks for me!) and some swimming.  I even got some quilting done - a nice relaxing day.  I don't even have a plan for today - maybe some more quilting and a bit of outside work??? (the pool needs to be scrubbed, the garden needs to be cleaned out, the roses need to be trimmed up.....wait - that sounds like a LOT of outdoor work!  Maybe I'll just sew.)

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