Sunday, September 14, 2014

What happens when an interesting concept meets reality?  Nothing to write about (not that that is stopping me!)  I spied some 'interesting' yarn at Walmart the other day - Fettuccine by Lion's Brand.  The 'yarn' is made from textile remnants, and feels like t-shirt material.  I picked up a skein and thought it might make an interesting shopping bag - using recycled material for a reusable shopping bag sounded like a good idea.  The skein looked like there was a lot more yarn than there was.  One skein did the bottom (which I made too big, thinking I had lots of yarn) and one skein did the middle, and the yarn was two different thicknesses.  The yarn cannot be ordered by color - you just get what ever color they choose to send you, so, since Walmart seemed to only have one skein of each color, I had to improvise.  Two skeins of yarn made one tote, and it is bulky and heavy.  I wouldn't want to carry much in the bag if I did use it.  It might be good to carry a casserole dish or something - it is definitely substantial!

This is how much was left of two skeins of yarn.

I added a new job to my resume yesterday.  For the first time, I mowed my lawn.  (Technically, I mowed my lawn when I lived is Susanville, but I used a hand push mower and it was very, very small.  Usually, Dad took pity on me and brought the lawnmower in and mowed it for me.)  Ralph has just not been able to do much in the yard, and since AJ left, it had gotten out of hand.  So.....I powered up the mower and mowed the front and back yesterday while Alli slept and watched TV.  I had to wait until after I got in from shopping to have Ralph show me how to run the mower, so it was already hot when I started.  Next time, I'll mow much earlier and it will be much better!  This is a job I prefer to leave to AJ and Ralph, but.....then next new job on my list is sprinklers.  We have one that is broken our front and is watering just one strip.

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