Sunday, September 07, 2014

I had a lovely birthday - it started early even!  The ladies at work had a potluck lunch for me on Friday - the day before my birthday (spaghetti, cheesy pasta, salad, and mini cupcakes (they are so small you can eat more than one or two, right?)  The also got me the cutest sun/garden hat.  It has wire in the rim so it is positionable - love it!  The plaque is cute as well - I know Malorie - who does the birthday shopping - has seen my 'box-o-wine' before.  I confess - I'm not a wine snob.

When I was doing my grocery shopping (all by myself because I am calendar-challenged.  I thought my quilt club meeting was this weekend, so Ralph watched Alli for me.  I got to the quilt shop, and no one was there....odd.  Then I realized that I had the wrong weekend.) I bought myself a present from Trader Joe's.  Isn't this the prettiest zinnia you've seen?

Ralph got me another dragon for my collection:

AJ even remembered my birthday!  (of course, as he said, he had two days to remember it - he's 16 hours ahead of us.)  He's not having such a great time right now.  They went to Seoul for the weekend - a big holiday weekend in Korea no less.  He is less than thrilled with Seoul and with the people he is with.  They have to stay as a group, and I don't think he has a good 'stay with the group' mentality.  Add that to the millions of people in Seoul, and the cultural difference of personal space and manners, and he sounded pretty miserable.  I think he'll be much happier back at the college (and he may even appreciate it a bit more).

Last night before I went to bed, it was cool enough outside so it wouldn't trigger the air conditioner, so I opened up the windows.  Usually, it is still warm outside when I go to bed, and I've missed the fresh air.  Rufus was very happy I opened the window just for him!

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