Friday, September 19, 2014

Autumn is coming!!!!  The leaves are beginning to change on some of the trees.  These are at Daycare's house - pretty!

We had some nice, cool, cloudy weather yesterday - so nice!!!  I think our high was in the mid 80's.  We didn't get rain, but I hear that some areas did - and I hope that the fires did.  The Weed fire was devastating.  A couple of ladies from work used to live in Weed, and they started a donation drive.  They were originally planning to take up just their pickups with stuff donated by bank staff, but....Facebook posts alerted the media, who announced we were a drop off spot, and they ended up with U-haul donating a 20 foot truck, and several other people driving up trucks and cars packed to the gills with stuff.  The organizer had specified that they needed non-food items, so the loads were water (lots and lots!!!), diapers, TP, etc.  I guess the town is overwhelmed with donations now.  (One local business donated $5,000 in new Carhardt clothing - specifically for the first responders that had lost their homes while fighting the fire.

A look at the clouds on the way to work yesterday.

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