Saturday, August 23, 2014

Internet is back up, our land line is down.  It figures!  It turns out that we didn't need the new modem (though we wanted to get a new one to increase speed) or a new router - we just needed a cable replaced.  So, instead of spending $400.00+ on new equipment, we could have just replaced the cable (and we had extra here....)  And now, we have a new phone coming too - our old was also out of warranty.  Add that to the RAV mechanical issues, and getting AJ set up for S Korea, and it's been an expensive month.  The fun just never ends!  (Though the funds do!)

I think Jasper is already missing AJ - she walked up to him the other night and put her head on his leg, and looked so sorrowfully at him.  (Of course, the 'sorrowful look' is common to the lab breed, but she did it so well!)

We are off at 2:00 a.m. tomorrow to take him to the airport.  Talk about time flying!  Today is final packing day, and we get to go to Walmart this afternoon and get all his 'supplies' to last him a while in SK (shampoo, deodorant, chapstick, etc.).  It will be hard to grocery shop today and not buy his 'staples' - they've been on my list so long.

Unfortunately, AJ did get to see Dallas before he left.  Dallas wasn't scheduled to come home this summer, but Margene's dad went in the hospital Thursday, and died yesterday, so Dallas flew in.  It was good to see the 'boys' together again.  I miss Dallas hanging out - they all grew up on me!

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