Monday, August 04, 2014

I had a request from Leona last week for three set of baby sandals - two for girls, and one for a little boy.  The little girls sandals were easy - the same pattern I've been making for years that it still just too cute.  The boys was a little harder - I don't have a boys' 'sandal' pattern.   Leona was at the house Saturday night (she's part of my book club) and I had her look at some pictures on Google, and she picked out a pair - here's how they turned out.....pretty cute!

The pattern is written a bit oddly, and she forgot a couple of stitches in her instructions, but the end result is nice.  When I looked at the pictures again, I realized that the top row was done in blue in her picture, but I missed that part.  I think it would be just a bit better that way - maybe next time!  I found the pattern here, and this is how her's turned out.

Rufus is being all 'dog in a manger' here with his green beans.  Jasper is so good to wait until he walks away before she eats them.  (Koori will just walk up and eat them while Rufus is still eating if I don't watch her - she isn't that polite)

The quilt I made for Randy and Steve got the 'cat seal of approval' at their house.  Steve sent me this yesterday.

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