Friday, August 29, 2014

I finally talked to AJ - my first time using Skype - way cool!  It was so nice to see him as well as hear him.  He got to show us his dorm room, and his tiny little pillow - which he says he actually likes.  Most of the kids went and bought larger pillows.  I didn't have to worry about him making his bed up before sleeping either - they don't use sheets like we do - he just has a pad and a blanket - he was good to go to sleep pretty quick.

I didn't notice in the pictures, but evidently the college is all uphill or downhill from wherever you want to go.  AJ said there were about 200 steps down to his classes - which meant 200 steps up to go back to his dorm room.  Once his blisters heal, and he gets back into cardio shape (he's been working out - just not doing a lot of cardio because of his heart) he'll be fine.

Yesterday, before I left for work, I glanced out the back door, and something green on the pool fence caught my eye - a very large preying mantis:

I just put Alli on the bus, and the bus driver pointed out that a neighbor two doors down (between Dallas and the Worthens) had his car catch fire.  This is the same house that burned to the ground about 5 years ago on Labor Day.  It looks like it was an engine fire - it is parked in the driveway and the rear of the car looks okay, but the front of the sedan is black and melted.  Those poor people!  They just don't do well with fire!  Marie and I walked by there last night and I didn't notice anything (but it was getting pretty dark by the time we got to that point) but you'd think I would have notice the smell!!

Marie is staying with us for the weekend.  Her parents are out of town and she didn't want to stay by herself.  She brought their two dogs, so we are a houseful again!

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