Saturday, August 30, 2014

Here's the electrical cord that "Rufus" (I think!) peed on and almost started a house fire.  It looks so innocent now, but......

Speaking of fires, I drove by the car fire on my way to work yesterday (just to see) and!  It looked worse from the other side - you could see the hood was blown upwards, etc.  It still looked pretty nasty.  There was a hose in the driveway, and a folding chair.  Since neither Ralph or I ever heard firetrucks, I assume that they just sat out and watched it burn.  When Marie and I went for a walk Friday night, the car had been towed away.

Since I drove by the house on my way to work, I was going the wrong direction on Granada, so I decided to pull a U-turn on Bonita, but....first I had to wait for the family of quail to walk through.  Too cute!!

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