Monday, August 18, 2014

Allis's off for her first day of her senior year of high school.  Wow.....There are so many things that we did with Alex for his senior year that we won't with Allison - many of which makes me sad (but honestly, many things that we won't do won't make me sad to miss - like the cost of announcements, class ring, etc.)  I didn't even do senior pictures for her - which I should do - we haven't done pictures of her in a while.  Maybe after I get Alex out the door I can schedule that.....

I finished the second sock monkey baby hat yesterday - it went together fast!  A link to the pattern is here.  They turned out very cute.  

I also finished, with Mom's help, the bookmarks for book club this month.  I couldn't come up with an idea based on the book (Until We Have Faces by C S Lewis) so I did a 'back to school' bookmark.

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