Sunday, August 17, 2014

Alex leaves in a!  We had a 'get together' last night that was loud, crowded, and fun!  The Webers came (4 people), the Fishers came (3 people), the Derbys were here (3 people - Rosemary was off camping), the Blands (2 people), Mom (1 person), Margene (1 person) and our family (4 people).  18 people!  That's a lot for the house - good thing it wasn't 105 - people were able to hang out outside, even though it was warmish.  (Ralph got overheated while cooking.) We had hamburgers, pasta salad (not much left of that - it must have been a hit!) baked beans, fruit salad and spinach salad.  Pat brought the best lemon bars....and left some here for us, too.  I'm glad everyone had a chance to come in to say goodbye to Alex.

The 'kids' hung out in the pool.  (They've all gone grown-up on me.)  Here's Carolyn, Emma, and AJ last night:

I finished AJ's requested Pokemon' toy for him - an Umbreon.  Not my favorite pattern, but it turned out pretty cute.  Of course, since I finished just before he leaves, 

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