Friday, July 11, 2014

It's raining!!!!  How wonderful!  It feels so fresh and cool out here - I'm actually out in the patio typing this morning.  If I sit just right, I can see that Alli's movie is still on, and I can hear her if she gets up.  My kind of morning - just right for vacation mode.

I didn't make it up to Lassen the other day - AJ wasn't really feeling the love with me.  Bummer.  I decided to do some retail therapy instead - bad idea.  Not because of me, but because AJ went shopping with me.  (Did you know that I'm not allowed to even try on leopard print capris???  I'll have to do that when he isn't with me.)  I was looking for some 'nice' casual clothes - most of my casual clothes aren't what I would want to wear outside of the house/Walmart/Winco.  I started at Penney's in the mall - and found a couple of cute shirts.  I found a nice pair of capris (not leopard print....) at Macy's on sale for $25.00, and then AJ wanted to go check out the 'guy stuff'.  Granted, most of his clothes are worse than my casual clothes, so he needs new ones, especially since he will be leaving, but....$200 later, he says he should be done with his clothes shopping.  To cheer myself up, we went on to Payless shoes (one pair of work shoes - too cute!), and on to Ross's - where I found another couple of shirts, and another pair of capris.  Now I think I'm done!!!

Yesterday, I had an appointment with my doctor about my residual cough.  I've had it for months (I got sick in December, and the cough never really went away - it got better, but....)  He took an x-ray to rule out the nasties, and put me on OTC meds for acid reflux for a month.  We'll see if that works.  I'm very tired of not being able to have even a telephone conversation without coughing.

After my appointment, I met up with Dawn and did some errands with her - I had invited Sandy and family over for dinner 'some night when they were free' when  picked Alli up on Wednesday, and Sandy said 'sounds great, we're free tomorrow night'.  Dawn and I went shopping for dinner for 10 +/- people.  Dinner ended up with just Sandy, Steve and Marie.  Ralph BBQ'ed some chicken, I made potato salad and pasta salad, and cut up some watermelon, strawberries and blueberries.  for dessert - homemade ice cream.  We had a good time - it's nice to be able to chat with just our kids interrupting us.

Today, my agenda includes a seminar on Conservatorships.  Oh boy!  I'm sure it will be educational - I'm just not sure that it will be fun.

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