Saturday, May 10, 2014

The garden has been loving this mild weather!  I replanted part of the beans before I went to Nashville, and they are growing great!  They aren't nearly as big as the others, but they are trying to catch up.

The spinach didn't come in that great, but the hot weather will do it in soon, so I may just plant more lettuce there.  we'll see how motivated I get.

The zucchinis are huge!!!  If they produce like they grow, I'm in trouble.  We do eat a lot of zucchini in the summer, but....I may be taking some in to work pretty frequently.

The tomatoes are beginning to grow a bit too.  Everything looks so happy!

I won the "Bad Mommy" award again the other day.  I completely forgot that the day after Alli's birthday was Special Olympics in Red Bluff.  I was so caught up in getting stuff done for her birthday, I didn't go much past that in my thought process.  She had a blast at the Olympics, and brought home  an award, and a beautiful sunburn - I forgot to put sunscreen on her.  Poor baby!  Thursday was J F Shea's Fishing Day, but it was cloudy and almost rainy, so she didn't add to her sunburn then, thank goodness!

She did make me (with lots of help!) a cute little basket full of cookies at Daycare for me for Mother's Day.  AJ helped me with the cookies, thank goodness.  Sandy said that she sat with Marie while she made the basket, so I guess you could count that as helping....

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